30 August 2007 | Varoommm…..

Paula was such a good sport, and really rides… just not in her wedding dress.  Lots of great shots and tons of fun working with her.  Thanks again Paula!

23 August 2007 | Katie, Katie Katie… (oh, and Mike… )

Such a sweet couple, and a wonderful day… they had thought of it all… including the little red get-away car… Lots of family and friends…. We wish them the very best!  Bill McCord Chattanooga Wedding Photographer

23 August 2007 | Not exactly the wayback file…

I had to keep these images under wraps for a bit, at least until the wedding was finished… but wanted to share at least this one… Amber is such a doll, and her bridals turned out sooooo fantastic… I couldn’t help but brag on her just a bit. Bill McCord Chattanooga Wedding Photographer

23 August 2007 | Their big day is just around the corner…

Paula and Heath’s big day is coming up pretty quick, it was good to hear in talking with them that they have everything under control… they even had time for a fun bike ride and a little time together at Pratters Mill.  I know we are going to have a good time at this wedding, Paula and Heath are a [...]

07 August 2007 | The Wink….

The Trivett Hall in Dalton was the location for this very elegant event.  Crystal and Jamie with the help of the staff of the hall did a fantastic job of creating a warm inviting atmosphere for their wedding.  What a touching ceremony and reception.  Even our little walk to the Wink (a favorite memory for [...]

03 August 2007 | I know this house…

As I approached the driveway I kept thinking I had been here before… it looked familiar, but it was strangely different.  As I later found out, it was George’s house… I had been there a couple years before to design a home theatre.  Anywho, the Portrait session went great and we got some fantastic images [...]