Sometimes the less you show, the more you say.  Perhaps you crave a bodyscape portrait , the idea of having a so-called anonymous piece of art in your collection is intriguing to you, or you desire to indulge your naughty side.

Not ready to go it alone? try an Intimate Party:

When was the last time you spent a fun evening out with your friends, enjoyed your favorite music and beverage, got some incredible photos and felt fantastic doing it?  

Gather some of your closest friends; grab a bottle of your favorite wine and cd’s.  We will discuss with you and your friends before your shoot what you each want to see in your photos. Perhaps you and your love would love to have some photos together that aren’t your typical “couples” photography, you want something sensual that tastefully captures the passion you two share.  We will work with you to get just the result you are seeking. 

Parties are for up to four people, should you request we do have hair and makeup professionals available for a fee.  Sessions take place in our home studio or we can come to your home.  I am a dedicated, professional photographer and My Wife Melissa is a professional model who will be assisting during the whole process.  We enjoy working with clients to achieve their photography goals and make the process fun.  We have set up a special Gallery just for this kind of work, the images in this gallery are posted with permission from each of the gals in this collection. ( We assure your privacy!)

Note: we also do single sessions for that special someone in your life, even if that special someone is yourself.

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